how it works


A birth story goes like this...

You'll want to get in touch with me ASAP...

I only book one birth per month.

This is because I'm on call for 4 weeks,

from the beginning of the 38th week to the beginning of the 42nd week of pregnancy. 

I'd like to meet with you at least twice before you give birth. 

This is because every single person you invite into your birth space will have either a positive or a negative influence on your labor & delivery.  

you NEED to be comfortable with me before you even book me. 

Once you decide to book your birth story, we'll talk about all the details. 

I'll answer questions such as "When will you show up and when will you leave?

I highly recommend notifying me when you start labor, and calling me in when you reach active labor.

This will give me a heads up for getting childcare lined up, and making preparations to get to you. 

 I will stay as long as you'd like through labor, and up to 2 hours postpartum

Some mamas are hesitant to call me until they are sure baby is coming soon...but you will want photos of both labor and delivery. I'm prepared to be there for the long haul. It might be 2 might be 25 hours!! So call me!

 Will you post these photos on the internet? 

Not without your permission. Being a mother myself, I understand that birth is highly personal.

I offer a 10% discount if you are willing to sign a model release.

I will only post photos that are PG and family friendly. My brand is storytelling...focusing on the emotional connections and powerful moments during birth.