here's how it works


a day in the life session goes like this. 

I become your personal photojournalist for one day.  "What does that mean?" You might ask.

well, i show up with my camera...and you just do you.

Here's more of a breakdown, if you like. 

You're interested in booking a session, so you send me your email & phone number and we talk on the phone, or meet and talk over a coffee.

this is called the pre-consultation.

I'd love to get to know you a little, to hear what you would like out of a session, to talk about your family...

to start a bit of a friendship and have a plan for your session. 

so let's pretend you book a session that goes like this... 

You wanted to capture everything from your early morning quiet time, to the kids waking up in the morning, and then capture them doing homeschool. 

So you book the half day session.  

the photo day comes.

I show up to your home at 6 am, as we agreed. You'd still be in your pj's probably, and of course, I'll have my coffee in hand. After our hellos are done, I start taking photos of everything you do. I work quietly and I don't interrupt or direct, or ask you to do this or that. I take a few sneaky shots of your kids as they shuffle down the hallway in their pajamas. I get a shot of you combing the littlest's hair. It may feel strange at first, but soon you will hopefully forget that I'm there and just go about your day.  

Once our time is over, I drive away and usually I can't wait to get started on your story. 

It takes about 3 weeks to finish your session. 

Then we meet again, this time for you to see your photos, we will also go over your album design, if you ordered one. 

this is called the viewing

I want you to view your photos in person because I want to make sure you are completely happy with what you get.  An email is a hard way for me to know whether you're really, truly happy. If I can see how you react in person, I'll know whether or not I need to make something right for you.

So how do I book and what does it cost?