Birth Photographer | lynchburg, virginia

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If you are looking for a birth photographer who deeply cares about you and your birth

in addition to capturing stunning natural images of the beauty in birth, look no further. 

located in Lynchburg, Virginia 


I am a mother myself

and I understand the intimate and personal nature of birth.

My greatest wish is that you feel safe and respected at all times during your birth.

Your birth space is sacred, for lack of a better word. A person can either positively or negatively impact the way labor will progress, and stress can cause major complications. 

I believe the most important factor is that you trust me.

Why is that the most important thing? Because anyone well trained with a camera who calls themselves a "birth photographer" can get good photos. So please only book me if you trust me!

breathtaking photos of your birth is something I also guarantee. 

I have been a professional family photographer for 8 years, and I have been photographing birth professionally for 2 years. 

Birth is beautiful.

I am prepared to capture those beautiful moments no matter what type of birth you are planning to have. 

I have photographed both hospital and home births, have been through long labors, and showed up just in time for babies that couldn't wait to come out. Whether you give birth in a dark, dimly lit room, or a hospital with overhead lighting, I know what to do. I work quietly and with respect to your birth space and to the birth professionals caring for you and your baby. 

I am quick in turnaround

I take no more than 3 weeks for editing your entire session, and I give you 3 beautiful photos the DAY OF for your announcements. I know your loved ones can't wait to see that squishy new member of the family!